Hi, there!
I’m Jasmine, an English learner, a traveler, also a coffee lover.
I’m a master’s student in Japan. I left my great job at a traditional company ten months ago, and I’m on a career interval preparing for my next challenge.
During the nine-years working experience, I tried to help people as much as I can. I really loved my colleagues, our customers, and my job.
However, I was also ready for making a big shift to explore my next golden opportunity.
I’ve asked myself again and again, “What’s your dream job?”  “What kind of job do you want to do next? And why?”  but I can’t answer it clearly.
Also, I’m asking myself, “What kind of changing does it happen in the world?” I don’t have any point of view, too. Nowadays, our standard is totally different from what it was. Our world has been changing so fast. It’s difficult for me to keep up with them without considering a big picture.
Therefore, I’ve decided to know more widely and deeply about a variety of current working situations and what my dream job is.

Twelve Flavors Project;
Over the next twelve months, I will read a book every month and will write what I will have learned. I will try to understand the essence and enjoy the flavor of each book. It might be a hard project for me because I will describe the flavors IN ENGLISH. Since I’m a beginner-level English learner, it will be very challenging.

So what?

These are my goals:

1. Read a Book  (with a cup of coffee)
2.  Enjoy the Flavor
3. Describe the Essence
4. Think Deeply
5. Discuss with My Friends (sometimes)
6. Jump into My Next Adventure!

Then, how do I choose books? It doesn’t matter. I have a list which is filled with book titles I want to read.

What makes me decide to do this?
Do you know these popular blogs  52 Cups of Coffee or fifty coffees?
The concept inspired me, and I decided to try something like this.
Also, I’m looking for a chance to boost my confidence in English Writing, so  THIS  IS  IT ! I’m very sure that I must enjoy the Twelve Flavors and it makes me happy!


July 2019

*Your comments and feedbacks are very welcome, via E-mail or my SNS.
mailto : contact[at]twelveflavors.com